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Previous Students

Ph.D. Students
  1. Pollyane K. C. Diniz — Values and their relationship to pro-environmental engagement: A comprehensive and systematic investigation.
  2. Alyssa Thomas — Recreational blue cod fishing in the Marlborough sounds: Identifying and understanding fisher attitudes and compliance
  3. Matias Mastrangelo (secondary supervision) — Conservation on the frontier: Understanding and influencing how cattle production impacts avian diversity in the dry Chaco forests of Argentina.
  4. Edith A., MacDonald (secondary supervision) — The application of persuasive communication theory to promote visitor conservation behaviour at Wellington Zoo
Masters Students
  1. Lauren Vinnell (secondary supervision) — Examining the effects of message framing and social norms on judgments of earthquake legislation
  2. Joanne Aley (secondary supervision) — Environmental and pest management attitudes of Hauraki Gulf island communities
  3. Julie Whitburn (secondary supervision) — Urban vegetation, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour: A socio-ecological experiment in Wellington City, New Zealand
  4. Benjamin A. Tilyard — Seeing green and becoming green: Applying normative social influence to promote pro-environmental behaviour across two New Zealand contexts
  5. Alana Cornforth (secondary supervision) — Does knowledge about climate change predict concern? Concern for climate change and the knowledge-deficit theory
  6. Camilla Morley (secondary supervision) — Motivating public transport use: Travel behaviour and integrated ticketing for Greater Wellington
  7. Barbaras Lake (secondary supervision) — Quantifying, predicting and promoting edible gardening in Eastbourne, Aotearoa, New Zealand
  8. Sally Blackwell (secondary supervision) — Electricity conservation in context: A mixed-methods study of residential conservation behaviour during an electricity shortage in New Zealand