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Psychology of Climate Change

Milfont, T. L. (2012). The interplay between knowledge, perceived efficacy and concern about global warming and climate change: A one-year longitudinal study. Risk Analysis, 32, 1003-1020.

Milfont, T. L., Wilson, M. S., Sibley, C. G. (2017). The public’s belief in climate change and its human cause are increasing over time. PLoS ONE — click to see article.

Milfont, T. L., Milojev, P., Greaves, L., & Sibley, C. G. (2015). Socio-structural and psychological foundations of climate change beliefs. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 44, 17-30.

Milfont, T. L., Harré, N., Sibley, C. G., & Duckitt, J. (2012). The climate-change dilemma: Examining the association between parental status and political party support. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 42, 2386-2410.


Environmental Cross-Cultural Psychology

Cowie, L. J., Greaves, L. M., Milfont, T. L., Houkamau, C. A., & Sibley, C. G. (2016). Indigenous identity and environmental values: Do spirituality and political consciousness predict environmental regard among Māori? International Perspectives in Psychology, 5, 228-244.

Milfont, T. L., & Schultz, P. W. (2016). Culture and the natural environment. Current Opinion in Psychology, 8, 194-199.

Milfont, T. L. (2012). Cultural differences in environmental engagement. In S. Clayton (Ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Environmental and Conservation Psychology (pp. 181-202). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Milfont, T. L., Sibley, C. G., & Duckitt, J. (2010). Testing the moderating role of the components of norm activation on the relationship between values and environmental behaviour. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 41, 124-131.

Social Psychology and Environmental  Issues

Thomas, A. S., Milfont, T. L., & Gavin, M. C. (2016). A new approach to identifying the drivers of regulation compliance using multivariate behavioural models. PLoS ONE — click to see article.

Mastragelo, M. E., Gavin, M. C., Laterra, P., Linklater, W. L., & Milfont, T. L. (2014). Psycho-social factors influencing forest conservation intentions on the agricultural frontier. Conservation Letters, 7, 103-110.

Milfont, T. L., Richter, I., Sibley, C. G., Wilson, M. S., & Fischer, R. (2013). Environmental consequences of the desire to dominate and be superior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39, 1127-1138.

Milfont, T. L., & Sibley, C. G. (2014). The hierarchy enforcement hypothesis of environmental exploitation: A social dominance perspective. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 55, 188-193.